Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trip journal #1

So I have plans to write a few trips blogs while we're out here, but you know what they say about the best laid plans...

We left early Tuesday and the flight went pretty well. They gave us an extra seat for free (hooray Southwest!) so Griffin was able to handout nhis caraway instead of on my lap. Here he is on the plane:

And here he is sleeping... He only slept for about an hour and I had to nurse him in his seat (not easy) but hey, at least he slept, right?

After we landed we got our luggage and got our rental car... Well, not right away. There was a mix up and, long story short, it got us a free upgrade to a Chevy Traverse which comes with a DVD player in tieback. Super score.

After lunch, we headed to Coors Field to see a Rockies/Giants game. We were all decked out in our Giants gear (complete with sign!) and made it on the jumbo-tron! The kids did great for having no naps (or short) naps and being in a very new and very overwhelming situation. Here are some pictures from the game.

After the game we headed to Bryan's aunt & uncle's house. B's dousing Greg came out for dinner and we had a really nice time hanging out and chatting with them. I made the mistake of having a glass of wine with dinner and it aggravated with what I am pretty sure was altitude sickness... Or at least the start of it. Copious amounts of water, coffee the next morning, and some Tylenol later and I feel better. Although I would love to be able to sleep for a week.

This morning was the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They had a lot of dinosaur skeletons and Penelope loved it.

We had hoped the museum would tire them out enough to sleep most of the ride to Wyoming but it was not to be. This is where the DVD player in the rental came in handy. So the drive wasn't great, but it could have been worse.

Now the kids are asleep and I'm crossing my fingers they both sleep well. They need it. I need it.

More later I hope. Thankfully my inlaws have wifi.

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  1. whoa, when did Poe get so blond?? Or is it just the picture?

    Glad you're conquering the altitude, can't wait to see more pictures:)

  2. Its mostly the picture, but her hair is pretty light compared to mine and Bryans...

  3. Looks like the trip is going well. The Traverse we got didn't have a DVD player! Great score :)


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