Tuesday, May 31, 2011


First, WTH is up with the weather. Considering the mountain of scientific evidence and the fact that it's cold and raining on May 31st, I do not understand how some people can deny climate change.

Anyway, today the boy child and I went shopping for our WIC goods. The process is frustrating at times, especially since WIC seems to be stuck in the 90s (paper checks? Soooooooooo last century). Also because their nutrition guidelines are just shitty. They need to seriously reevaluate what they give families. Here are some examples.

Juice: we get 128oz of juice a month... per child. That's a outrageous amount of juice. No child needs that much juice in a month. It's like sugar water. All the sweetness of fruit without all of the other healthy bits. The "meat" of fruit is what is best for you. Not the juice. Kids need to be drinking more water and less juice. They should take the juice allotment and up the fruits & veggies you get.

Speaking of fruits & veggies, you get $6 a month. That is stupid-low. Kids need more whole fruits and veggies. Six dollars is barely enough to buy a container of strawberries and a bag of lettuce. It is ridiculous how little the allotment is for actual food.

This brings me to milk. We get two gallons per month. Again, per child. That's FOUR gallons of milk. That's a crazy amount of milk. Why? Because you don't need to drink that much milk. Maybe a glass a day. If you're getting plenty of fruits and veggies, you get plenty of calcium. Leafy greens people, leafy greens. Put down the cow juice and drink some damn water.

"Whole grains": ugh. You get 16oz, which is less than most loafs of bread. We end up with a ton of oatmeal. Which is fine since Penny loves oatmeal, but it's just silly. The way they set it up, most WIC parents I see buy cheap white bread (ew) when they should be encouraging parents to buy whole grain bread for their kids. It's just back-ass wards.

Eggs: maybe some people go through 24 eggs a month. We certainly do not. That's a lot of eggs.

There's more than annoys me, but I'll save it for another post. Time to go make dinner, baked chicken, brown rice, and salad. With water to drink (ok, I will have a glass of wine).

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  1. The juice allotment fills me with an unquenchable rage. Juice is the battle I finally lost in my family- I didn't want her to have it at ALL. And the measly produce allotment is appalling.

    But this is the same government that classified ketchup as a vegetable (or was it a fruit?) for the school lunch program, so I am not surprised. Just irritated.


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