Thursday, December 17, 2009


So bedtime is getting a tad tricky lately... Usually Penelope gets her bath, lotion, jammies, teeth brushed, a bottle, and then I rock her to sleep and voila!

But within the last week or so we've been having a problem after her night bottle and no more voila! :(

Bryan has had to go in there for the last two nights to get her to sleep after I've spent over a half an hour attempting to get her to crash out. This could be a teething issue (although there aren't any new teeth buds) or it could be a sleep regression... but my bet is a combination of a growing belly and outgrowing her crib.

The larger my belly gets the harder it is for her & I to find a comfortable spot to snuggle and rock. It doesn't help that New Baby enjoys kicking like crazy whenever I put Pen to bed. Unlike Penelope in utero, New Baby isn't soothed by rocking and it actually makes him/her wake up and dance around. Not exactly soothing for either Pen or I (actually, I'm not sure if P can feel it quite yet but I can!).

The other issue is that I'm pretty sure she's starting to outgrow her crib. She's become quite the mover in her sleep, and when she rolls over once in her crib she hits the railing. We moved the crib bumper out two weeks ago and she hasn't slept through the night since... we put them back in tonight so hopefully she'll sleep better. But regardless, it may be time to upgrade her sleep space. We're going to put her into the spare room when New Baby is born (and keep the nursery as a nursery) but we may need to do that sooner rather than later - at least at night. That room isn't very well insulated though, and it gets pretty darn cold in there. The vent is closed now, so opening that will help but it will still get chilly at night... although Pen may actually respond really well to that. Of course, she also kicks off blankets so I don't want it to be too cold in there. Hmmmm.

I didn't think we'd have to worry about this until New Baby was 3-ish months old and we put him/her in the nursery, but Penelope continues to surpass our expectations in a wide range of areas :)

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