Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogging instead of Sudoku

I was so very close to clicking on the "web sudoku" bookmark instead of the blogging bookmark... so very close.

It snowed in Sacramento yesterday - barely enough to really be called snow (at least at our house) but it was still rather eventful. Some school districts up the hill had snow days (for less than 6 inches of snow, wusses) and people forgot how to drive - fun times. Penelope celebrated the momentous occasion by sleeping in. She also slept in today, so I don't know if I can call it "sleeping in" anymore. She may just be changing her nighttime sleep pattern from 8-6:30 to 8-7:30. I am totally and completely ok with this. Of course, this means that we only get one nap during the day, but it's generally a 2 hour afternoon nap and that works out pretty well. If this is still the pattern next week then I'll consider it an official schedule change.

We've also been pretty successful about cutting out one of her three bottles, so she's basically down to two. One before nap and one at bedtime... I honestly don't think the nap bottle will be all that hard to eliminate but she may prove me wrong. The bedtime one will probably be the most difficult and I'm still trying to decide how I'm going to go about doing it. Cold turkey or a gradual weaning? I still have a few months before I want to attempt messing with that bottle so we'll see how things go - she may wean herself if I'm super-duper lucky.

Still no walking on her own. I know she can do it, and I am really really really ready for her to start. As soon as I say this out loud there are a dozen people who tell me I'm crazy and will regret saying such a thing as soon as she starts. I say bull. Anyone who tells me I'm not ready for her to walk have never had a 28 lb 1 year old and been 6 months pregnant at the same time. Damn skippy I want her to walk, my back is killing me.

Speaking of pregnancy, New Baby has decided that nighttime raves are uber awesome. I swear that as soon as the sun goes down he/she parties it up like it's 1999. Bryan was able to feel the baby kick the other day, which (if I remember correctly) was much sooner than he was able to feel Penelope. So someone is already raring to go and will probably walk 5 minutes after birth, which may be sooner than their big sister. (Ok, so that was a tad melodramatic, Penelope WILL walk before she's 16 months).

We've also added a new name to our girls list: Amelia. So for those who are keeping track, the girls list (in no particular order) is: Amelia, Calliope, Isadora, Milla, Athena, & Ophelia. Boys list is the same as it was: Theodore, Milo, Parker, & Xavier.

I've yet to fall in love with any of our boys names, there are some that I *like* but none that I love the way I love nearly all of our girls names. This means the baby will probably be a boy (not really, both Bryan and I are still convinced it's a girl). But I'd still like to add a few more names to the boys list in hopes that we find a few we really and truly love. This means I'm going to have to change my standards (although I already have with 2 of our girls names and 1 of the boys names). So they no longer HAVE to be Greek in origin. Greek boys names are really difficult to find; I mean there are a ton of them but they're either super common (like George or Jason) or REALLY Greek (like Posiden or Agamemnon). I love my Greek heritage, but I can't saddle my poor son with a name like Posiden, or Perikles, or Ajax. (And for the record, I love the names Perikles & Ajax - but one would be very difficult for people to pronounce or spell and the other has a line of cleaning products with the same name).

I could go with something like Apollo, which both Bryan and I like - but that's an awfully big legacy to live up to. That's really my greatest hesitation in using the names of gods and goddesses - that my child will somehow, in someway, feel compelled to live up to the myth surrounding their namesake. I am, perhaps, putting way too much thought into it. It's likely that since so few people know anything about Ancient Greek mythology (which is a shame) that no one but me will even think about things like this... but *I* think about things like this. Blame my Undergraduate Degree.

Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering - the boy middle name is Walter no matter what first name we choose. The girl middle name depends on the first name, so it's either Ruth or Katherine.

Of course all the name talk makes me both curious and excited to find out what the baby's sex is... and we have a 19 week wait! It's almost too much to handle, but I'm really happy we've decided to hold off on finding out. It makes me look forward to labor/delivery that much more - and makes me more excited about the pregnancy in general.

Alright, this post has been long enough. Web sudoku calls.

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  1. Just a note, I don't think it's crazy to be ready for P to walk, but seriously, even when they do walk, it's never where you want them to anyway!! LOL


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