Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Birthday Party Post

So Penny's party was yesterday and I've finally gotten around to uploading all the pictures and video. It was, overall, a good day... filled with firsts - some fun and some not so fun.

Penelope had a really good time at her party, and we really loved having so many family and friends come out to celebrate with us. It meant a lot that so many people came (and some from far away) to share in Penelope's special day. It was a packed house and I know Penny loved the attention (like her Daddy... ha!).

The night ended on a bit of a sour note as after her nap Penny threw up not once, but four times. Once on Bryan, once on me, once in the grocery store, and once on the rug. Poor baby! She slept with us that night and slept through without waking and was then fine the next morning... it could have been the excitement of the day, the sugar from the cupcake, a bug/virus, or any number of things. We're just glad she's feeling better and the puke is behind us. On a somewhat funny note (well I think it's funny, Bryan is not so amused) it marked the second year in a row B's been thrown-up on on Dec 5th... I threw up on him in labor and Penny threw up on him on her birthday. So maybe she was just trying to keep the tradition going (one we hope is not repeated next year).

So anyway, it was a mixed bag of a day but overall a positive one. Here are my favorite pictures from the party:
Ok, I LOVE this one... she was NOT happy being cleaned up
(For those wondering, she's wearing my old Wonder Woman t-shirt so as not to get a ton of cake on her party dress)

And here's video of her "eating" her cupcake:

So while the party was fun, I'm glad it's over... I stressed out WAY too much over her party, more than any reasonable person should. Although I'll probably do the same thing for New Baby's party, that's just how I roll - I stress about the simple things and not so much about the big ones (ok, that's a lie, I stress about the big ones too). Oh well, the party was a success.

The next few weeks will be super busy since Christmas is coming up and we have a slew of doctor and midwife appointments (well, Penny has her 1 year check up and I have my 22 week check up) plus music class, holiday parties, holiday shopping, and a dozen other things.

Oh! And it's supposed to snow in Sacramento tonight! I'll take pictures if it actually sticks... I remember the year it snowed in Oakley - the snow didn't last long and my next door neighbor Kim got beaned with a snowball in the head. I think my parents have video of that. We'll have to take video of Penny playing in the snow should the weather report turn out to be accurate.

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