Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bryan's Song...

Isn't that a movie?

Anyway, one of Bryan's favorite 80s songs is "Warrior" by Scandal. It's on right now and every time I hear it I can see him playing it on Guitar Hero (I think it's on the 80s version?). It makes me smile :)

Tonight at midnight we'll celebrate our 2 year anniversary! We may actually stay up until midnight tonight, we're going over to my parents tonight for cards and games so we'll see how long we both last. Penelope did not have a great night last night so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stay awake.

Bryan just told me the Mariners play the Giants at AT&T park on April 4th... I say we should go :) I'll be as big as a house and less than 2 weeks from my due date.

Oh, so we have molar #4 - Penny has 12 teeth! It's just started to poke through, but I'm sure that's why last night was so very horrible. Between "&" kicking me from the inside and Pen kicking me on the outside I got very little sleep. Plus some idiot decided to call me twice from a private number in the middle of the night. I always freak out when my phone rings late at night, it's never good news. But apparently it was just some idiot with a wrong number (I didn't actually get to the phone in time, but he left a message for a Suzie).

Oh, and I have an interview today. It's for a part-time job and wouldn't make up my salary from my last job, but it's a job. They don't know I'm pregnant yet, I didn't think it was appropriate to mention that in my cover letter. Should be interesting.

So far that's the only interview I've been able to schedule since I got laid off. I've applied for more than a dozen jobs, but the market it pretty competitive. I have some more avenues that I need to check out, so hopefully something will happen soon.

Ok, in happier news, I'm 25 weeks pregnant today! I was a little surprised when I saw that on the calendar, for some reason I thought I was closer to 30 weeks. Wishful thinking :) According to the e-mail I got from babycenter, the baby is approx 13 inches long and weighs a little over 1.5 lbs. "&" has been moving around a lot lately, especially when Penelope crawls all over me - it seems he/she doesn't appreciate being squooshed by his/her older sister. Something poor "&" will have to get used to, older siblings are supposed to squoosh their younger siblings :)

I've been really bad about taking belly pictures lately... I'll try to get one taken today.

Ok, time to do some chores and then get ready for my interview. Hope everyone has a safe, fun, and happy New Years Eve and a wonderful New Year!!

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