Monday, March 7, 2011

Conversations and Imagination

I've been having conversations with my children since they were in utero (respectively). These conversations have been mostly one-sided, and any response on their part was mostly babble or in pre-speak (which sounds a lot like gibberish). After awhile you get rather adept at translating toddler-speak, so Poe and I have had many conversations in the past few months that have been quite fulfilling and incredibly amusing. Lately her lexicon and enunciation has markedly improved and we can have quite lengthy conversations about everything she sees... which is a lot.

Here are snippets of today's conversations.

P: Mommy, sing "Dinosaur Train" song please.
M: Really?
P: Yes please.
M: *sigh* ok. *sings DT song*
P: Thank you Mommy, that was beautiful.

(As an aside, I have become (remain??) a jukebox for my children. Penelope regularly requests her favorites and Griffin's car wailing is only stopped by certain songs. Poe's current favorite are the Dinosaur Train song, B-I-N-G-O (she calls it "mango"), the Kipper song, and the Caillou song. We haven't watched Caillou in ages - I despise that cartoon - so I made up new lyrics: "I'm just a boy whose 4, each day I grow some more, I'm so obnoxious I'm Caillou! So many things to do, each day is something new, I'm quite annoying I'm Caillou!")

M: Ok, pick out a new diaper.
P: Hmmmm... I think I want the polka dot diaper
M: You sure?
P: Yes. Please.
M: Ok. You know, Mommy made this diaper.
P: Good job Mommy! It's soft!

Often times these conversations will revolve around her quite vivid imagination...

P: Mommy, I'm Tiny Pteranodon! You're Mommy Pteradnon! (From the Dinosaur Train series)
P: SQUAWK! What's Bubba? Hmmm. Bubba is...
M: Don? Buddy?
P: Yes, Buddy. Bubba is Buddy! Hahaha.
M: Who is Daddy?
P: Silly Mommy, Daddy is Daddy Pteranodon.
M: Of course he is. Are we riding the dinosaur train now?
P: Yes. Whoa! That's fun. Whee!
M: Time tunnel approaching!
P: No mama, that's Mr. Conductor. I'm Mr. Conductor.
M: Oh, I thought you were Tiny.
P: I'm Tiny too!
M: Got it.


Oh! Griffin's 8th tooth has officially arrived! I'm hoping we get a few days before the next round. Although I hope it's not longer than a week. While I hate teething, I'd really like for him to get in a set of molars already - he really wants to eat everything and I can't give him some foods w/o his molars.

And his "yearbook" is almost finished. Once I have it done I'll post a link so everyone can look it over. I'll have it printed like I did for Pen and at his 1st birthday party people can write him notes :) I love how P's turned out and I'm liking the look of G's so far.

I should probably work on it now that I have a few minutes. Tomorrow I'll be writing my Thesis so tonight I'll give myself a little time for the yearbook.

And... I've lost 17 lbs since New Years Eve. Woot!

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