Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's pronounced "tu-tu", didn't you know?

For years I have been mispronouncing the word "tattoo". Apparently it's pronounced "tu-tu". Thank goodness I have Penelope to correct such egregious pronunciation mistakes. Thank you Penelope.

We went to a friend's 1st birthday party last weekend and the take-home prizes were temporary tattoos. Poe immediately wanted to wear one, but then freaked-the-f-out when I actually attempted to put it on her. So her butterfly was missing a wing. She didn't seemed to mind, and showed off her brand new "tu-tu" to anyone with eyes.

She then proceeded to try and rub it off with a paper towel... and then she tried to do the same to mine & my mom's wrist tattoos.

Even now, almost a week later, she asks where her "tu-tu" went. When I ask her if she wants a new one she quickly says "no thank you mama".

I will remind her of this when she's 18 and wants her first real tu-tu.

Also? We have entered the phase of "I do it myself" which is fun and exasperating. So now I budget extra minutes of getting ready time so Poe can put on her own shoes and climb into the car seat. After she successfully (or sometimes unsuccessfully) completes a task she says "yea! I did it!" very proudly. It's cute.

AND Griffin took two steps Wednesday at Kim's house. She is the queen of getting babies to walk.

Oh yes, Poe is better and now Bryan is sick. He seems to be feeling a bit better after sleeping most of today and a good part of yesterday. I hope tomorrow he's well again because it is no fun for anyone when ANYONE in this house is sick.

And? I lost a dress size.

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