Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nursing a yearling

That makes Griffin sound like a deer.

Anyway, G-man is swiftly approaching his 1st birthday and lately more than a few people have asked me about my plans to wean.

Most health organizations recommend nursing for at least 6 months but most recommend nursing for a year or longer. I believe the average age (worldwide) for weaning is 5. But I can't remember where I read that, so maybe I made it up.

Regardless, there is no time in a child's life where breastmilk stops being nutritious. There's no point when it turns into poison, or turns your child gay, or makes the baby Jesus cry. I'm sure nursing past a year makes Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, and douchecanoes all over the world shed a tear (of jealousy?) but I really don't give two sh*ts about Limbaugh, Falwell, or other wackadoos who want to insert themselves into my nursing bra.

If you can't tell already, I'm very passionate about this subject.

I didn't used to be. Like circumcision, I have done a 180 after parenthood. In fact, I have an Aunt (who shall remain nameless, although she'll recognize herself) that nursed her children into toddlerhood - and I used to think that was weird. I never told her this, because was naive not rude, but I certainly thought it. Well, I take it all back.

Women should nurse until they (and/or their child) is ready to wean. If a child wants to wean, there's not much a mom can do to stop it (if you've ever nursed a child, you know that you cannot force a baby to nurse). But as long as a child and mom are willing/able to nurse, they should be supported in that decision. Of course, if a mom really wants to wean, she should not be forced to continue - it is her body after all. But provided both parties are willing, I say nurse away.

This means (as if you hadn't already guessed) that G and I will nurse past his 1st birthday, provided I still have milk. And if a miracle of biblical proportions occurs and I still have milk as he nears 2 years old, then we'll probably still be nursing.

A blog that I read had this to say about weaning. Her verbiage is a little harsh at times, but I agree with her.

So we're still nursing (and still supplementing) and we'll do this until it stops working for us. That will probably take us into toddlerhood. And I'm ok with that.

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